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The Truth About Accredited Degrees

Are you looking for an accredited online bachelor degree program? Do you wan to find a  university with a good reputation in order to earn a legitimate online degree? You have most likely heard of scams or frauds relating to education, and want to be careful to find an online degree program that will provide you with an authentic education and degree. If you are careful and research the institutions to which you want to apply, you should have no trouble earning an accredited online bachelor degree.

Fraudulent higher education ventures are commonly referred to as degree mills. For a certain price, you will receive a certificate which, if it does not come from an accredited college, will not hold up against a degree from a reputable school. The certificate is not an accredited online bachelor degree, but a kind of fake bachelor degree, issued by a school or scam that does not measure up to accreditation standards set by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation.

Find a Respected Institution

What is the best way to avoid a scam? Do a bit of research on the institution. Find out what agency accredited the school and find out if they are nationally recognized. Sometimes, unaccredited institutions will offer degrees based almost entirely on life experience. While it is possible to earn college credit for life experience, an advertised “life experience bachelor degree” program may be an indication that you are not going to receive an accredited online bachelor degree.

Quality Education from the Comfort of Home

At, we want to help you earn an accredited online bachelor degree. Take a look at our quality institutions of higher education to find a bachelor degree program that will hold up under close inspection. Accredited universities offer online degrees in a wide variety of disciplines. With Ashford University, Grand Canyon University, and Virginia College you can earn a bachelor of arts degree online. At Argosy University, you can complete a bachelor degree in psychology. Along with business and nursing degrees, a bachelor degree in criminal justice is offered online at a number of accredited universities. Let us help you avoid the scammers and reach your goals with an accredited online bachelor degree.