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Going back to school to complete your education is an important step in improving your career and your earning potential, but if you are struggling to find the time to complete your degree then it’s time to consider earning an associate degree online.  An online associate degree is easier to get than a conventional degree because you won’t have to attend inconvenient classes at a local college: you can study right from home!  Plus, with online education your options are virtually endless.  Find an associate psychology degree online school, look into online elementary teaching degrees, or—if you’re really looking for a change—earn online graduate degrees in fields such as Psychology or Criminology.  Getting your education can be a hassle but in the end, with online education, it is something that will pay off.  Look into what has to offer and find an associates degree or nursing program that suits your needs.

The benefits of having an Associates Degree

A U.S. Bureau of statistics study recently found that people with a college degree earn on average $23,000 more per year than people with only a high school diploma.  If you’re tired of working hard and earning less than you deserve, then an associate degree online will help to give you the advantage you’ve been waiting for.  Make what you deserve working in a career that sparks your interest.  Many people who get an associate degree online wind up working in competitive service fields such as Medical Administration, the Business world, technical assistance, and even find themselves employed as nurses or LPNs.  The main reason most people go back to school is so they can finally begin earning some of the money that they deserve, but there are other reasons as well.  If you want a satisfying job that will keep you stimulated and will enable you to help people, then it is almost a requirement that you have the right degree.  If you are looking to take a step towards a more rewarding new career then take a look into an associate degree online through AYC.

Room for Career Advancement

Working towards an associate degree is only the first step in a whole new chapter of your education.  Most people who get an associate degree online eventually go on to get more advanced degrees so that they can continue to move forward in their fields.  If you find yourself in a career that you love and want to move ahead, then online education may offer exactly what you need.