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Earn Your Bachelor Degree Online

Are you considering earning a bachelor degree online? If you do, you will be increasing your earning power, on average, by nearly 100 percent. According to the United States Census Bureau, the most recent data shows that workers with a high school diploma had an average income of $21,079 in 2005, while those with a bachelor’s degree made $40,166. With a wide variety of online bachelor degree programs to choose from, why not start down the path earning your bachelor degree online?

You can earn your bachelor degree in any one of several programs, often from the comfort of your own home. One attractive option leads students to their online bachelor degree in accounting. An accounting degree will qualify you for a lucrative career in financial management, financial reporting, internal auditing, cost accounting, tax planning, or budget analysis. Getting your bachelor degree online will open up a world of job stability. Why not get started now?

The Career Path For You

Perhaps you have always wanted to be a teacher, and so you are interested in a bachelor degree in education. Through reputable institutions such as the University of Phoenix, DeVry University and American Intercontinental University, you can earn your bachelor degree online, and reach your teaching career goals.

Another appealing program leads students to earn a bachelor of science degree. This type of degree will lead to a wide variety of jobs, such as work in university laboratories, the public health sector, federal foundations, and industry laboratories, to name a few. It can also lead to a teaching career.

There is a lot of room for choice when it comes to bachelor degrees online. Many people choose to earn a bachelor degree in criminal justice. This degree leads to jobs in local, state, and federal courts, law firms, corporate legal departments, public interest law organizations, law enforcement, private security and much more.

Boosting Your Credentials Is Easy

The important thing is that as a jobseeker, you will be able to present impressive credentials. You will be able to show potential employers that you are the kind of person who puts in hard work and gets results. Through established universities, it is within your grasp to attain an accredited online bachelor degree. Avoid the hassle of commuting to campus, and communicate easily with professors from your home. Maintain your other commitments while taking a step toward a positive change in your career. All signs point to earning your bachelor degree online.