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bachelor of science degree

Earning your Bachelor of Science Degree

One of the best ways to make yourself a more attractive job candidate is by showing that you have gained a thorough education. For this reason, you may be considering earning your bachelor of science degree. In general a bachelor of science degree is more focused on the specific field of study, whereas a bachelor of arts degree includes a greater variety of liberal arts credits. A bachelor of science degree is often favored in professional fields such as journalism, engineering and advertising. In the information age, a great way to earn your degree is through online programs offered by reputable universities.

Choosing the Right Profession for You

Are you a detail-oriented person who works well with numbers? You might want to consider a career in accounting. Earning a bachelor of science degree in accounting is easy through Western Governor's University Online. Or perhaps the bachelor of science in economics program at Strayer University Online appeals to you. But your choices are certainly not limited to programs related to the business world. You can choose the bachelor degree program that most fits your interests and abilities. A strength in math and science indicates that you might do well in engineering. How about earning an online engineering bachelor degree? With online degree programs, students gain a high quality education, but without the hassle of commuting to on-campus classes. 

Top Careers for Online Degree Holders

Or perhaps your interests tend more to the spice of life. Do you have an interest and passion for preparing and serving good food? A bachelor of science degree in Hotel and Restaurant Management from the Art Institute Online could lead to a great career in hospitality. For those seeking a bachelor degree in culinary arts, a huge variety of intitutions “cater” to your interests. The Culinary Institute of America offers some of the top programs in this delicious, fast-paced field. Another option you might consider is an online bachelor degree in pharmacy. Whatever the field, earning your bachelor of science degree online is easy and convenient with our affiliate universities.