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Transform Your Resume With a Bachelor of Science Degree

Earning a bachelor of science degree online can transform your career. There are some important things to consider when you are thinking about going on to higher education. One statistic that may surprise you is that according to the most recent US Census Bureau statistics, people with a bachelor's degree earned an average income that nearly doubled that of people with a high school education. In 2005, only 12 percent of high school graduates earned $60,000 or more. But 46 percent of those with bachelor's degrees earned the same.  On average, you will earn nearly twice as much with a bachelor's degree than with a high school diploma. One option that is gaining more and more popularity is to earn a bachelor of science degree online. When you take online courses from home, you get the best of both worlds.

The Business World and Beyond...

Perhaps you have a knack for moving about the world of commerce. Then maybe you would be interested in earning a Bachelor of Business degree online. A degree in business or an online bachelor's degree in accounting can easily lead you to an exciting and well-paying job in accounting or personal finance management. Once you obtain your accredited bachelor of science degree online, it will be within your ability to start your own consulting firm. But you will also be an attractive job candidate to established firms looking for highly educated colleagues. These are only a few of the options available to you through distance learning programs.

Whatever the Profession, Distance Learning Delivers

Other bachelor of science degrees online are available at top universities. For example, students can earn an accredited online bachelor's degree in education from Grand Canyon University or the University of Phoenix. If you have always dreamed of a steady, personally rewarding job as a teacher, why not start today? Another bachelor of science degree online that you might consider is a bachelor's degree in nursing. One of the best ways to further your career in healthcare is to boost your credentials. The most attractive thing about online course study is that you can maintain work and family life at the same time. Why not send for a free information packet from one of our quality institutions? You are just clicks away from getting started earning your bachelor of science degree online.