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Why bachelor's degrees are important

A Bachelor’s Degree is the key to better paying jobs for the majority of people in our country. There was a time when college was something that only privileged people were able to attend, but times have changed and college has become more accessible and affordable to more people.

Four year institutions traditionally were the only places to earn a bachelor’s degree, but now an increasing number of online schools and universities offer a diverse range of bachelor’s degrees as well. Also, many traditional institutions of higher learning have added an online division.

Easier than ever to obtain a Bachelor's degree

These online programs enable people who have commitments in life that they cannot leave behind to still earn a bachelor’s degree. Many of these online degree programs are based around the student’s schedule; so many students work during the day and earn their college degrees at night. Another way that online degree programs facilitate the obtaining of a bachelor’s degree is by allowing certain life and work experience to count towards a degree. This is ideal to many students because their previous work is acknowledged and helps them in their attainment of their bachelor’s degree. Finally, online universities and colleges allow students who have done previous coursework to transfer their completed work towards their current bachelor’s degree. This means that if a student enters a program either with an Associate’s degree or a professional certificate, the work that they did in obtaining one or both of those counts toward their bachelor’s degree.

Fields of study for a Bachelor's Degree

These services allow students to receive a bachelor’s degree in a field of their choice in a significantly faster time period than students attending four year universities. Bachelor’s degrees are offered in a wide and exciting range of fields, so the classes that students take are ones that truly do peak their interests. The departments in which bachelor’s degrees are available include but are not limited to: Criminal Justice, Communications, Business Administration, Psychology, Christian Leadership, History, American Studies, Aviation Technology, Information Technology, and Health Care Administration.