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Life Experience Bachelor Degree

Invest in your Future, Earn a Bachelor's Degree

Earning a bachelor’s degree is a great way to boost your credentials and make yourself attractive to employers. Without a doubt, when you go to earn a bachelor’s degree, you are going to draw upon your life experiences in order to complete your coursework. Any area of study that requires you to analyze and respond to information also requires that you call upon your previous experiences in life. It would be very unusual to earn a degree that did not utilize your life experiences. However, a common scam found on the internet these days is what is known as a “diploma mill” or a “degree mill.” If a website offers a degree based only on life experience, it is best to avoid dealing with that site. A so-called life experience bachelor degree is, in effect, a fake bachelor's degree, and will not hold up to a real, accredited online bachelor's degree. Although there are legitimate methods to earning college credit for your experiences and knowledge, a degree that is advertised as a life experience bachelor degree will most likely be unrecognized by universities and employers.

Avoid Bachelor Degree Scammers!

Internet ventures that promise a life experience bachelor degree in a matter of days are hoping that no one will look closely at their credentials. When you do look close, you will see that they often claim to be accredited by someone, but not nationally-recognized accreditation agencies. In other words, a careful employer looking at a candidate’s credentials will see the name of his school. With a quick internet search, that employer will be able to tell that the organization is not a school at all, but rather a shady, mail order business. The job candidate with a phony life experience bachelor degree will certainly not be hired over someone with a degree from a reputable school.

Employers Recognize High-caliber Online Schools

There are legitimate ways to earn credit toward a bachelor’s degree based on your life experiences, or complete your bachelor's degree requirement. One way to put your life experience to use is by receiving credit by examination. In the US, the most recognized method is the College-Level Examination Program (CLEP). CLEP offers subject tests in various disciplines. The test gives students the chance to show college-level achievement through exams on undergraduate college courses. Thousands of colleges in the US grant credit and advanced standing for high CLEP scores, but not for an online life experience bachelor degree. Some accredited programs offered by many high caliber universities include those to earn your online bachelor's degree in criminal justice, nursing, business, or education. Be careful when you see ads for life experience bachelors degrees, and make sure you do some research on the school. Take a look at the quality programs featured on