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Most useful Masters Degrees

Masters Degree statistics

According to, statistics show that an average bachelor’s degree can get you a $58,000 annual salary while a master’s degree can get you $61,000 annually. The question then comes up on what type of master’s degree should you get and is it even worth getting for the field you’re in. If you feel very strongly about getting a master’s degree, one of the most useful master’s degrees is an MBA.

Invest in an MBA Degree

You can basically use it for any management position in any field. The good thing about MBAs is that you can have different concentrations. Whether you want to become a leader in the accounting field or become a better marketing manager, you can choose concentrations that will best help you in your career. Be warned! Most graduate schools will not accept students who haven’t had any work experience in the field. Your other option is to get your online MBA. Some of the schools don’t even require you to have a bachelor’s degree and you obviously benefit from certain freedoms that you wouldn’t have with a traditional on-campus program.

Master’s of Arts on Education

Another popular master’s degree is a master’s of Arts on Education. This degree is good to get if you plan on getting into academic administration or if you just want to become a better teacher. Either way, a Master’s degree will open doors for you to get more leadership-type positions. Most professors in college get their Master’s in Education and some even get their PhD’s. Again, you can also get your master’s in education online. Walden University offers many different types of Master’s in education. Whether you’re thinking of getting into early childhood or mathematics, Walden University has a lot of degrees to choose from.

Some careers such as public relations might not need a master’s degree in order to succeed. For that field, it really just depends on your experience and who you know. Before you make any decisions on spending more money on schooling, do some research on the successful people in your field.  Maybe even ask some questions about professionals in your field think about getting master’s degrees.