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The accounting profession is expanding, and those who take the steps to obtain an accounting degree online will reap the rewards of a successful future.

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Finding the right accounting degree online is one step toward turning your dreams into reality. The other step is getting your online diploma from an educational institution that will carry the credentials you'll need to compete for some of the highest-paid accounting positions in the field. According to research statistics, the following positions expect to yield to greatest increase in base pay:

Senior manager and director base pay at mid-size firms are projected to climb more than seven percent, to between $82,000 and $120,000 annually. Going to a distance learning college could get you on track for one of these positions.

At the entry-level, professionals at small banking and financial services firms also are facing competition for talent. This sector is expected to see an increase in average starting salaries in 2007 of $46,750 to $60,500.

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