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Some people would be happy eating macaroni and cheese from a box every night for dinner. There are others of us, however, for whom that would not suffice. You know who you are. If you are a person with a passion for the flavors, textures and aromas of good food, you might be considering earning a bachelor degree in culinary arts. With a thriving restaurant and hotel industry in the US, now is a great time to get started on your culinary arts training.

Sifting Through Your Options

If you are serious about earning a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts, the next step is deciding where you would like to go with your degree. In other words, after you earn your bachelor’s degree, would you rather be a food critic, a chef, or is managing your own catering business more of what you have in mind? Either way, a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts will provide a strong foundation for your career in the food service industry.

A bachelor degree in culinary arts can lead you to a position as a top chef, but it can also lead to more managerial positions. For example, a degree in culinary arts management will qualify you to work as a culinary instructor or even to open your own successful restaurant. If you also have an interest in the hospitality industry, you can choose a bachelor’s degree in culinary arts to fit your personal career goals. Take a look at the online programs offered at the Art Institute of Pittsburgh. Their Bachelor of Science program in hotel and restaurant management could easily qualify you for a career in professional catering or as a food service manager.

Choose the Program You Need for the Career You Want

People who are inclined toward the culinary arts are often additionally interested in related fields such as health and nutrition. Perhaps you are interested in the science behind the delicious food, and you are looking to earn your online bachelor’s degree in nutrition. Likewise, a bachelor’s degree online in health science might interest someone with an interest in biology and the natural sciences. Whatever your interest, you can find a top online school to fit your needs. It is easier now than ever before to earn your Bachelor of Science degree online. Get started on your bachelor’s degree in culinary arts today!