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bachelor degree in nursing

An Art and a Science

Are you a detail-oriented, caring person? Are you able to work well with a team, sometimes under pressure? If you are interested in helping patients and their families in healing and maintaining the best health, perhaps these are the qualities that led you to a career in nursing. Nursing is both a science and an art, and often requires that nurses assist people throughout all stages of the human experience, from birth to death. Earning a bachelor degree in nursing is the next step you want to take in order to develop personally and professionally, and move ahead in your career in healthcare. A bachelor degree in nursing will open up new opportunities for you to get ahead.

The Ease and Flexibility of Online Learning

One of your options is to earn your bachelor degree online. Earning a distance learning bachelor degree is an attractive option for many reasons. First of all, on the way to your bachelor degree in nursing, you can conduct research, read and study from the comfort of your own home. Second, you are allowed freedom and flexibility when it comes to scheduling. If you have other responsibilities in your life, such as those relating to work or family, you will be able to maintain those commitments while you study. Another reason earning your bachelor of science degree online is convenient is that you will avoid commuting and parking, those ever present hassles of attending on-campus classes.

Choose a Program

Earning your bachelor degree in nursing is easier than you might think. Many top schools have special programs that will lead you from being a registered nurse to receiving your online bachelor degree in nursing. Both the University of Phoenix and the University of Saint Mary offer such programs. Once you have received your bachelor degree in nursing, you will be able to move forward into jobs such as staff nursing, positions in community and public health, independent practice, research and education. Whatever field of nursing and healthcare you want to move into, earning your bachelor degree in nursing is the way to get there. Browse our list of nationally-recognized, high quality bachelor's programs, and get started down the path to your ideal career today.