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best jobs for a degree in business administration

You have many options

A degree in business administration is very versatile. You can do anything from work as a secretary to even becoming an advertising executive. It all depends on what your focus is on. The different areas of business include: accounting, economics, finance, management, marketing, statistics, and logistics (transportation). If you like numbers, then an accounting degree or finance degree might be good for you. If you like to be creative, then marketing might a good field for you.

Some Examples

Business is such an ambiguous field that you can’t just point out which job is best. What can be done is measuring certain aspects about business as a whole. The highest paying salaries (within the top 25 overall high paying salaries) in the business field according to are:

  1. Chief Executive Officer - $144,600, specifically within the public figures management industry
  2. Marketing Managers - $107, 610, specifically within the Internet Service Providers and Web Search Portals
  3. Computer and Information Systems Managers - $102,730, specifically within Securities & Commodity Contracts
  4. Sales Managers - $102, 730, specifically within Securities & Commodity Contracts
  5. Financial Managers - $101, 450

These jobs will take some time before you might reach them, but with enough hard work, you will become successful.

Don't Forget...

Another thing to remember is that you will need to do internships. The Business Administration degree is the most popular degree among college students. What does that mean for you? That means that there is a whole lot of competition. Even if you do get a degree in a booming field, if you don’t have any experience, most likely, you won’t be able to get a good job in your field. Whether it’s accounting or marketing, employers are going to want to see related job experience in your resume. Even if you take a summer off to do an internship or do a part-time internship while in classes, it will still be considered as experience.