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Business Degree

Make Good Money

A business degree is one of the most promising, lucrative degrees that an individual can earn. Degree holders can go into many fields, from accounting and management to investment banking. In addition to working in the heart of the economy, business degree holders also benefit from exceptional earnings. As recently reported, the base salary of business majors continues to rise year by year, with business administration majors seeing a 6.2% increase in their salary from 2005 to 2006. Business-related degree holders also average a larger base salary than most other undergraduate degrees with the exception of electrical engineering.  Start your business career with an associate degree at home.

You Have Options with a Business Degree

A business degree is not one, specific degree; rather a business degree is an overarching term that can refer to the many different types of degrees that you can earn at an online university’s business program or school of business. For example, at DeVry University you can earn an undergraduate degree in and of the following fields of business: accounting, business information systems, finance, health service management, hospitality management, human resource management, operations management, sales and marketing, security management, small business management, and technical communication. Anyone who suggests that a business degree limits your career options may need to reexamine their understanding of contemporary business.

The First Step in Improving Your Career

Earning an undergraduate business degree, you can continue on with you online studies to pursue a master degree in business, such as an MBA degree. Preparing for a career in business has never been more affordable or convenient.  Online colleges and universities allow students to uphold their personal and professional obligations while working towards a business degree. Class schedules are more flexible than at a traditional university and students can pace themselves more appropriately than they would be able to at a campus-based school.