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Looking for Continuing Education? INA Suggests a Path for Success.

If you are looking for a professional route to maintaining your nursing skills, you may be searching for continuing education courses. Continuing education courses are the best way to advance in your nursing career, as well. For example, upgrading from an associates degree to bachelors nursing degree can vastly increase your credentials as an employee in a hospital, clinic or private medical practice. The Illinois Nursing Association, a highly respected professional body of nurses, has created a list of approved continuing education programs for nurses. Continuing education, INA suggests, is one of the best ways to remain competitive in today's job marketplace.

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What are some of the online options you have? To begin with, has partnered with the nation's largest and most successful online universities to bring you the online courses and degree programs that you need to advance in healthcare, especially in nursing. For example, the University of Phoenix has a number of nursing degrees available at one of over a hundred satellite campuses across the US. If you search for continuing education INA programs, you can find several campus options. But if you are looking for ultimate flexibility, you may be more interested in online classes. Online classes in nursing count toward earning your degree, and they can normally be scheduled anytime and accessed from home. At Keiser University and Indiana State University, for example, you can earn your bachelor of nursing degree online. In addition, people often move successfully from one healthcare field to another through online learning. Earn a medical transcriptionist degree online or enroll in a physician assistant distance learning program, and use your previous experience to help earn new credentials.

Starting Down the Road to Professional Development

If you are ready to look into some online programs, why not browse our extensive directory of online universities with nursing courses? Whether you choose continuing education INA programs or bachelor degree in nursing courses at a nationally-recognized online university,  you will not regret having received continuing education credits. After all, attending classes and receiving training in your specialty shows employers that you are motivated to excel and develop professionally. For more information about the continuing education INA sponsors, see the INA website. For more information about the top online nursing courses, please take a few minutes to browse and send for information from the school of your choice.