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online bachelor degree in history

Is a Career in History Right for You?

Earning an online bachelor degree in history can lead not only to several fulfilling careers, but also to a more complete understanding of one’s place in the world. Abraham Lincoln once addressed an audience by saying, “Fellow citizens, we cannot escape history.” In those words, Lincoln captured what is perhaps the most important aspect of history: the world of today is intertwined with the world of the past. It is easy to see that the best way to understand ourselves is to study our origins, past mistakes, and past achievements. If you have an eye toward history, earning an online bachelor’s degree in history is probably a good choice for you.

Weigh Your Career Options

Many people who receive an undergraduate degree in history go on to study history in graduate school. However, earning an online bachelor degree in history is also excellent preparation for a wide variety of entry level positions in government, politics, law, nonprofit organizations, museums, journalism, education and business. Still others decide to use the excellent writing and analytical skills gained through their study of history to go on to graduate school for psychology, business or law. It is an important and exciting decision to start the journey to earn your bachelor’s degree. If you are considering a career as a high school teacher, earning an online bachelor degree in history is a smart first step to attaining certification. For a related course of study, Grand Canyon University offers an online program to earn your Bachelor of Science degree in social studies.

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Many people who earn an accredited online bachelor degree in history choose to do so for the flexibility that comes along with earning a Bachelor of Arts degree online. Not only will you be able to choose the times that you study and read, but you will also have the freedom to schedule lectures to fit within your schedule. Corresponding with professors happens with the click of a mouse, and there is no long distance commute to your classes. You don’t have to limit your options to an online bachelor degree in history. Another degree that often appeals to detail-oriented history enthusiasts is an online bachelor’s degree in English. Also, highly organized and analytical minds are often drawn to programs to earn an online bachelor degree in engineering. If you are ready to get going on your education and create some history of your own, take a look at our  top notch degree programs. We are sure you will find a program perfect for you.