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Online Bachelor Degree in Pharmacy

Is a Career in Pharmacy for You?

If you are considering earning an online bachelor degree in pharmacy, you are looking at a very lucrative career when you complete your studies. In 2006, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, pharmacists earned an average income of $93,500. Whether you are looking to become a pharmacist or a pharmacy technician, the demand for well-qualified pharmacy graduates is higher than ever before. Earning an online bachelor’s degree in pharmacy will be your key to a world of bachelor’s degree jobs in the pharmaceutical industry.

Invest in a Pharmacy Career

Your online bachelor’s degree in pharmacy will prepare you to manage and distribute prescribed medications in a pharmacy setting. It will also qualify you to provide information to patients and to the general public. Among our affiliate schools, the Penn Foster Career School offers an online program to become a pharmacy technician. As you earn credit toward your online bachelor’s degree in pharmacy, your training will focus in chemistry, physics and business. You will become an expert in drug therapy and how to educate patients regarding their medications.

Explore Pharmacy Degree Options

People who seek an online bachelor’s degree in pharmacy are often interested in other disciplines centered in the natural sciences. For example, quality online programs are offered in health science, nutrition or nursing. An alternate route to your career in pharmacy is to start with a bachelor’s degree in science, and go on to graduate studies in pharmacy. Or perhaps you are interested in other practical, high income professions. You can obtain a Bachelor of Science degree online in a wide variety of professional areas, such as advertising, engineering and journalism. Once you select a bachelor's degree program, you will begin your studies from the comfort of you own home. Earning your online bachelor’s degree in pharmacy or pharmacy technician training at Penn Foster is a surefire way to bulk up your credentials and enter the fast growing pharmaceutical industry. Take a look at our pharmacy programs, and send for free information from the school of your choice.