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About the Industry

The music industry is a booming and healthy industry. Whether you want to work for a record label or become a recording artist, a good education in the music industry will help you become successful in your field. Some degrees that will help you in your music industry career include music degrees, business degrees, marketing degrees, and communication degrees. Boston University Online featured here on offers a Master’s Degree in Music Education. You can get a business bachelor degree to learn all you will need to know about business and then get your Master’s in Music Education. With some internships or other music experience, you will be well on your way to becoming successful in the music industry.

The Most important thing is...

Although there are other music industry degrees out there, the most important thing is experience and connections. Those two things can basically guarantee you a good job in the music industry.  One thing you should know is that a lot of internships in the music industry are unpaid so if you have financial obligations, it might be difficult for you. A degree might not necessarily get you a great job fresh out of college, but it can open doors for you. Remember that your professor might be able to provide you with connections to professionals in the music industry.

Average Salaries

Depending on what type of career you will have within the music industry your salary will fluctuate. Below are some examples of jobs and their average annual salaries.

One of these positions could be yours. All it takes is getting your degree, get some work experience, and getting your name out there.