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Psychology Degree

Earning Your Degree Online

A psychology degree earned online can prepare you for many careers. That is because employers like seeing psychology majors; they know that these job applicants will have excellent reading and writing skills, and will have an understanding of human behavior as it pertains to culture, economics, and politics. Too often, companies are filled with employees who have traveled a narrow road to get where they are, and employers recognize this. In order to shake off the “tunnel vision” that the firm is experiencing, employers seek well-rounded, excited individuals to bring a different perspective in to the company. This makes a psychology degree a sought after asset in many fields, especially marketing and business.

Pursue the Career You Want

Earning your psychology degree from an online university degree program will allow you to continue your education and earn a degree without sacrificing your personal and professional life as you know it. There is a reason that online education has grown so quickly in recent years; enrollment numbers and the number of online colleges and universities have risen because of the success of online education. Students graduating from online universities are entering the fields they want to enter, with the degrees they always wanted to earn. DeVry University, one of the top schools in online education, recently reported these impressive statistics relating to their program: “More than 90% of DeVry graduates hold positions in their chosen field within 6 months of graduation.”

A Multitude of Careers

Working towards a psychology degree, your online studies will be in numerous fields, from biology to sociology and anthropology. Upon graduating, you may find yourself working independently or working with others in research. Psychologists are also needed outside of the laboratory, in hospitals, courtrooms, schools, prisons, and corporate offices, meaning a psychology degree allows you to perform your work in many settings. This makes psychology one of the most diverse fields a student can go into, with a focus on helping people and a new set of challenges every day.