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Although many people don’t realize it, having a music degree means more than just studying music and being a musician.  Many people do become musicians, but it has been shown that music education during childhood helps children progress in other subjects and many states including New York and California have recently pushed initiatives to bring more music educators into our schools.  This means that getting schools music degree could mean beginning a great new career as an educator!  In addition you can find NYS colleges that offer teaching degrees or perhaps study for a masters degree in early childhood development that could increase your potential in the music education field.  Having great teachers in our schools means a stronger and safer country, and if you want to get a degree that can help you make a difference, then finding the right schools music degree through could help you get there.

Other Opportunities in Music

Aside from education and performance online schools music degree also offer degrees in academic fields that will allow you to pursue somewhat more unconventional careers.  A master’s degree ethnomusicology cultural anthropology will open the doors to a career in musical research, allowing you to study music from various cultures around the world.  Take a look at a masters degree progam, audiology and see if the medical side of sound and the effects of music on the brain could be of interest to you.  The music field is a broad and fascinating area that offers people with the right degree, the opportunity to succeed.  With online education finding the right schools music degree to fit your specific interest is no longer a problem, and with online education you can get your degree at your convenience without the hassle of attending a conventional university.

Mix your Interests with a Business Degree

The music business has been undergoing some major changes over the past few years, but with a degree from schools of music with music business degree you can gain the skills that you will need in order to succeed in the exciting entertainment business.  Learn the skills that you need so that one day you could even own your own record label or publishing business!  Earning a schools music degree is the first step you need to take in order to finally get the career you’ve always dreamed of, and AYC can help you to find the right school.