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What can I do with an Associates Degree in Psychology

Psychology Career First Step: Earn an Associate Degree

If you are truly interested in the field of psychology, then a PhD in psychology is a must-have. An associate’s degree in psychology will only get you so far, and even a bachelors degree will not suffice for many upper-level professions dealing with the human psyche. If you have an associates degree, you can begin building upon that solid foundation en route to a stronger degree. The first step is to see if the credits you earned for your associates degree can be transferred to a bachelor’s degree. only features reputable colleges and universities, so chances are, if you earned your associate degree with a school featured on, there is a better likelihood that that degree will be honored by other online universities. With a bachelor's degree in psychology, you will certainly have more opportunities for entry-level jobs.  Ultimately, if you really want to make a name for yourself in the psychology field, you will need to have your master’s degree. You might want to consider your associate’s degree as a short-term decision and explore an online degree Cleveland.

Psychology Job Options

Chances are, jobs that you can acquire with an associate’s degree in psychology will be less demanding, intellectually speaking, than those available to bachelors and masters graduates.  In many instance, they are jobs that you could forego with volunteer experience.  Hypothetically, earning your associates degree in psychology and lacking working experience, the jobs that are likely to be available to you will consist of those typically availble to volunteers. Some people with associate degrees in psychology make the best of these jobs by networking with individuals.  Contributing your time to a cause you believe in, you can "get your foot in the door" with your local community, which will hopefully lead to more rigorous, better paying work.   Additionally, if you volunteer, you will likely be able to continue going to school since you will not be working full-time.  While volunteer work does not sound sensible in the short-term, the benefits of having working experience in the field will be invaluable in the long-run when you are competing with other graduates for jobs.

Succeeding in a Psychology Career

While volunteer work is important for your resume, equally important is the level of the degree you have.  Earning a psychology degree online through an online college degree program will set you apart from the competition.  Best of all, with online education, you will have completed your degree in less time, without commuting, and in less expensive fashion than your peers in the field.  Still, you'll get many of the interpersonal benefits of attending a traiditional university.  For example, online courses in psychology introduce you to professors who can help you get the better volunteer opportunities available in the field.

If you're interested in working directly with people on the ground, an associate degree in psychology can carry the credentials you need to begin working with individuals and communities seeking economical psychological services.  Those looking for research positions or those with an interest in higher salaries should look beyond an associate and even a bachelor degree for a masters or doctorate degree in psychology.  No matter what you career aspiration, has schools with the degree you seek.  Check them out, today.