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Distance Education Degree


What does a distance education degree offer that a traditional university degree can not? For beginners, a distance education degree offers millions of people an opportunity to earn their undergraduate degree who have been unable to until now. There are many barriers to continuing one’s education; online continuing education does away with many of these roadblocks.

A Quality Education

For starters, it is more affordable to earn a college degree online than it is to do so at a traditional, campus-based school. For the top online schools, many of which are featured on, providing an affordable education does not mean sacrificing the quality of the education. When you pursue a distance education degree with Strayer University Online or Keiser University Online, you will be taking courses led by exceptional professors, many of whom hold advanced degrees and have work experience in their respective field. The course materials used are comparable to those of any other university in the United States and the students you take classes with will be equally, if not more, diverse and interesting. One of the main reasons that a distance education degree comes at a lower cost is simply due to the lower operating costs of many online colleges and universities.

Flexible Course Schedules

What else can a distance education degree program offer over a traditional university? Convenience and flexibility. Pursuing your degree online with a distance learning university, you won’t have to rearrange your life around 60 minute blocks of class. Many people can maintain their current work schedule and complete their studies after work or on the weekends at their leisure. Taking courses on campus, not only do your class times dictate your daily schedule, they also require you to commute to campus which takes time, costs money, and just more stress in your life. Additionally, the professors who design their courses realize that many people are learning online simply because they want the flexibility that an online education can offer. Because of this, you will find that due dates are less rigid and the pace at which you pursue your distance education degree is under your control to a greater degree.