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Distance Learning Course

What Is a Distance Learning Course?

A distance learning course is a postsecondary course that meets and conducts all classroom activities over the internet.  Courses can be worth either undergraduate or graduate credit-hours, and can be transferred to a traditional college and university, or put towards an online college degree.  Enrolling in a distance learning course is becoming more and more popular as people begin to appreciate the time-saving benefits of online education.  A distance learning course let’s you complete all work over the internet, and many times the cost of a distance learning course is far less than traditional classes are.  Pursuing an education online is a more efficient, less expensive alternative.

Distance Learning in Higher Education

As the popularity of online education has soared over the last ten years, the prospects of those with online university degrees has risen as well.  More and more higher education institutions are recognizing that online education fills a need for many students that traditional and evening classes can not, and so the choices for online education continue to expand.  Every day more and more options are becoming available to those seeking a postsecondary degree.  Meanwhile, businesses and employers have come to accept degrees earned through a distance learning course as just as legitimate as traditional degrees.  They see that the quality of education from these institutions is still of the highest fidelity.  The negative stigma of online education has disappeared, making it one of the best options available for many people.  This means that online education has finally become mainstream.