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Distance Learning University

Distance Learning Online

A distance learning university is simply an institution of higher education which delivers its resources (its teaching) to students who are not physically “on site.” Distance education has been around since the middle of the 19th century; and the University of London was the first traditional university to offer a distance education program with its External Programme in 1858. With the advent of the personal computer and the rise of the Internet, distance education programs have proliferated in recent years an millions have discovered the merits of an online college education from a distance learning university.

Quality Degrees

Online colleges offer virtually any type of degree that you can earn at a traditional university. Through a distance learning university, you can earn a bachelor degree, a master degree, and even a doctorate degree. Online certification is another popular online program that a distance learning university can offer; an online certificate in a field can enhance an individual’s career by equipping them with the credentials needed for a promotion at their current company, or by providing them with the skills needed to enter another line of work.

Affordable Degrees

A distance learning university doesn’t limit your degree options either. You can pursue many of the most popular degrees, such as a business degree, English degree, and engineering degree, and also find degrees that many traditional colleges don’t even offer. And in most cases, the education you receive comes at a more affordable price than a traditional university degree costs. A distance learning university can charge less and still provide a quality education for many reasons, such as the lower overhead costs and the money saved on tending to fewer facilities, as well as smaller campuses.