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The Million Dollar Decision

There are a lot of reasons to earn online college credit through an online college. One major reason is the edge it provides in the job marketplace. Another attractive reason is the promise of financial security and worry-free retirement. Over the course of a lifetime, those with a Bachelor’s degree or higher will earn, on average, $1,000,000 more than the average high school graduate. That’s right: a million dollars.

If that isn’t enough reason to earn online college credit, there are also long-lasting personal benefits to attending college. Those with some college education tend to smoke less, live healthier lifestyles overall, and their children are, on average, better prepared for success in school.

The Advantages to Earning Online College Credit

Of all the variety of approaches to formal higher education, earning online college credit appeals most to working adults because it allows more flexibility than traditional, on-campus learning. In most cases, distance learning students can complete an online course while still maintaining their work and family obligations. The reason for this is that online colleges often use an online format for learning. Students can choose when they want to listen to lectures, ask questions, read, participate in discussions and correspond with professors. As long as students participate within a 24 hour period, the specific time does not matter. This is a highly convenient option for working adults or those with children.

Sorting Through Your Options

There are a number of options to choose from when it comes to earning online college credit. Some people can earn credit by examination, based on the knowledge and expertise they have gained in life. Others decide to earn online college credit by enrolling in degree programs or choosing from the many online certificates available nowadays. Be sure to research the programs in which you are interested. offers information on the top online degree programs and accredited schools. When you decided it is time to earn online college credit toward your specialty, let us guide you to the top programs in the nation. We put you, the prospective student, in touch directly with the school of your choice. They will then send you free information and an online college application.