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Online Colleges and Universities

Online Education Is On the Rise

Online colleges and universities are becoming increasingly popular with each passing year. In the fall of 2005, over 3.1 million people were taking at least one online course, according to the Sloan Consortium; this included undergraduate degree courses, professional, and graduate courses. In fact, according to, online enrollment numbers are increasing at a rate of 30 percent each year.

Online vs. On-campus

Online colleges and universities are similar to campus-based schools in some ways, and different in others. First, the top online colleges and universities offer an education on par with that of a traditional university. Courses are often led by professors with firsthand experience in the fields that they are teaching. Many have taught at campus-based institutions and have made the transition to the online college education platform. A distance learning university also offer you excellent networking opportunities for after you earn your degree. You will be taking classes with peers who may already have a career in the field your are interested in, and thus, already have connections with people in the industry. Additionally, many professors are interested in referring their top students to people they have worked with in the field. Career placement offices are also major elements of many online colleges and universities, and with thousands of graduates each year, these offices have a slew of excellent contacts to help their currently enrolled students in networking.

Comfort and Convenience

Online colleges and universities do differ from traditional colleges and universities in some important ways though. The first? You guessed it – with an online university degree program you can earn your associate degree or your bachelor degree entirely online. This means that you pursue your distance education degree entirely from the comfort of your home and at the convenience of your schedule when you attend online colleges and universities.