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How to Succeed in an Online Course

Are you thinking of taking an online course? Taking an online course is similar to taking a traditional course at a college or university. Although you won’t have to commute to campus or attend classes in a room with other students, you will still need to contribute to the class and participate in discussions. However, if you stick to your coursework the payoff is quite rewarding. Follow some simple guidelines for success, and earning online college credit toward your major is easily within your reach.

Writing Skills

Writing skills are key. One major difference between distance learning and traditional education is the way the students and instructor communicate. Once you enroll in an online program, you will have to begin sending emails, homework, papers, reports and exams to your instructor. Since most or all of your communication throughout the online course will happen by email or text chat on a computer, it is important to develop good writing skills. Your ability to write well will show your classmates and your professor that you are intelligent and put a lot of effort into your schoolwork.

Study Time

Scheduling study time is also essential. Since you will not have to attend classes in a classroom, you will have to be motivated and self-disciplined as you complete your online course. You will need to set time aside to listen to lectures, read your course materials and texts and study without interruptions. Without the structure of the physical classroom, you may find it difficult at first to focus on your studies. Do not give up. Set specific time aside and work somewhere without any distractions, like an office, study or a library.