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The Success of Online Education

Some people wonder whether an online university degree program can educate and prepare students as effectively as a traditional undergraduate degree program can. This is quickly becoming a concern receding into oblivion with the skeptics. Online enrollment numbers are astronomical, and they continue to grow with each passing year. The question is no longer: can a distance education degree online match the quality of a traditional university degree program; the question has now become: which online university degree program can match that of a traditional program.

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Rising enrollment numbers by individuals eager to engage in online continuing education attracted a number of “diploma mills” into the online education arena a number of years ago. Since then, one of the biggest obstacles for prospective students deciding whether or not an online university degree program is right for them has been weeding out these “diploma mills” from the real, quality institutions of higher education – schools like the University of Phoenix Online, DeVry University, and American Intercontinental University Online. has been helping students find the right online university degree program for years. We only feature accredited schools with strong reputations on our web site; so if you decide to enroll in an online university degree program, you won’t have to worry whether or not employers will honor the degree you will be putting so much time and effort into. The schools on have proven track records of success with alumni who have been able to compete in today’s competitive job market.

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If you are interested in learning more about what an online university degree program may be able to offer you, you can request more information from any school on Online colleges are anxious to send you information about their history and their programs, so when you submit an information request form, online universities will respond promptly with free pamphlets, brochures, and information packets. These publications will be able to put your potential online college education into perspective; they will answer many of the questions you may have, and they will provide you with helpful contact information of university faculty and administrators who can answer any lingering questions you have. And of course, you have no obligations to any of the colleges or universities you request information from.