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Colorado Technical University

CTU Online

Colorado Technical University is one of the premier online colleges and universities offering students online certification in a professional field as they pursue their distance education degree. The university has established its reputation of offering quality degrees, primarily in the fields of business, management, and technology; however, the school also offers an online university degree program in the following: surgical technology, nursing, medical billing and coding, criminal justice, software engineering, computer science, electrical engineering, and marketing.

The School of Business

Within the school of business at Colorado Technical University, students can earn an bachelor degree in finance, international business, project management, human resource management, management, and marketing. After a student has earned their undergraduate degree in business at Colorado Technical University, they can continue on to pursue their MBA degree as well. The university’s school of business seeks to prepare its graduates for the contemporary business world, equipping them with relevant skills to the industry and professional certification as added credentials to graduates’ resumes.

Set Your Own Pace

Colorado Technical University is a school designed to get peoples’ careers on the fast track. For example, the university’s information technology degree programs can be completed in only fifteen months in some cases. That is a college degree in under a year and a half. Does this mean that Colorado Technical University lowers the quality of their education to churn out degrees? Absolutely not – it means that students who engage in online learning are able to pace themselves more appropriately than they would be able to at a traditional college. With more flexile due dates on assignments, you can complete your education as quickly or slowly as you would like within certain limits. Online education is designed for people with lives outside of school and course designers realize this.