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At Colorado Technical University Online, you will find that our truly outstanding curriculum, faculty, staff and course delivery system can help you achieve your professional goals. On our amazing Virtual Campus, you can scale the new face of modern education and earn a career-focused degree completely online, no matter where you work, live or travel, as long as you have access to a computer and an Internet connection.

Our Specialties

Colorado Technical University Online offers programs in all sorts of fields. Degrees include a business administration degree online, an online management degree, an associate’s degree in accounting online, and an engineering master’s degree. Additionally, there are programs in criminal justice, IT, health care management, and more. If you want to be qualified in the areas of technology, engineering, and business, then Colorado Technical University Online is a great place to look for degree programs to get you started towards achieving the career you’ve always wanted or that raise you think you deserve.

A Leading University

Colorado Technical University began educating motivated professionals in 1965, helping them to achieve their professional dreams by preparing them for successful careers in business and high technology industries. With the advances in computer technology, including teleconferencing, videoconferencing, and in Internet capabilities came greater possibilities for online education. Now, Colorado Technical University Online has taken a spot in the lead of online educators and brings some of the most innovative, career-relevant degrees offered completely online. With a knack for both depth and breadth of education, Colorado Tech can help you earn multiple professional certificates on your way to graduation, empowering you to add certificate credentials to your job qualifications.