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Finding an Online Degree in New York

The Big Apple is a big place, and even the city only a portion of New York State, which is home to nearly 20 million people. With so many people competing for jobs, it is important to stand out among your competition. If you are ready to take your resume to the next level, you’re probably considering earning a degree or professional certificate. The decision to enter higher education is always a commendable one. You will certainly never regret your decision to take an online accounting course en route to you degree. So, now you’re looking for the best online degree New York to suit your professional and personal goals. Where to begin?

The First Step in the Online Degree Search

The first thing to do is determine exactly which degree or certificate you want to pursue. Starting with the education you have already received, you can start at the associate’s, bachelor’s or master’s level. Are you headed for a fulfilling career? Be sure to do some light research before you enroll to earn online degree New York to find out the training you need for the profession you want. You can find information about occupations, wages and job market projections at the US Department of Labor website.

Choose From the Top Schools in the Nation

There are quite a few options when it comes to earning an online degree in New York. You may decide to earn a university online degree from a state university. The State University of New York, for example, offers over 100 degrees and certificates in a strictly online format. The other major route you can take to earn an online degree New York is to enroll in a larger, national online university, such as the University of Phoenix, which offers the greatest variety of degree programs and satellite campuses in most US cities. 

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