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St. Leo University provides online degree programs to thousands of students in over 30 countries, and is the sixth largest provider of higher education to the military. In an online program at St. Leo University, students can “attend” classes wherever there is a computer and an internet connection, and at any time, so social life, family life, and education will never again compete for time or attention. In October 1998, the online program started with only 12 students, but has now matriculated thousands and is continuing to educate thousands more. And students taking St. Leo’s online programs get the same degree as traditional on-campus students, a degree which is accredited by national and regional organizations.

At St. Leo University, students have the opportunity to study many fields and subjects. Whether you hope to achieve an accredited bachelor’s degree online or an M.B.A. online, the University offers programs at that level. Classes are easy to take and can be worked around your schedule. Advances in computer and Internet technology translates into greater flexibility and sophisticated means of interacting with professors and peers. St. Leo University makes an online education as rewarding and authentic as an on-campus education, offering state-of-the-art study materials which use video, CD-ROM, audio and textbook formats that are convenient for individual lifestyle and educational needs.

Options and Support

Regarding specific programs, the University offers everything from liberal arts degrees to online management degrees. And St. Leo University faculty and staff are there to support you through your education and career development. Speaking of support: the University offers each year a combination of grants, scholarships, loans, work-study, and payment plans to help students finance their education. The Office of Student Financial Services ensures that financial aid packages will meet individual needs.

Taking online courses through the Center for Online Learning at St. Leo University will never require you to be at the campus. All of the courses are available via the Internet. The only time you might elect to come to campus is to walk with your graduating class. Request information today and good luck achieving your career.