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Strayer University Online

Strayer University Online

The District of Columbia Education Licensure Commission accredited Strayer University Online in 1996, and the university has expanded rapidly since then. Strayer University Online now has 45 campuses located in the District of Columbia, Alabama, Delaware, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, North Carolina, Maryland, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Virginia. If you wish that you had stayed in school longer or you never had the chance to earn your undergraduate degree, online continuing education at Strayer University Online may be right for you.

Learning for Adults

If you are an adult who has been considering return to school but has been hesitant to because of your age – the average age of students at Strayer University Online is 34 years old. When you enroll at Strayer to earn your distance education degree online, you will be taking classes alongside others who, in most cases, are working professionals much like yourself. Your online university degree program will be full of others like you, who are either interested in heading down a new career path or are looking to expand their skills in credentials to advance in their current field. En route to your on line degree, you may find yourself making new friendships or contacts from your online courses. This make online education not only a great way to expand your knowledge, but also to improve your contacts and networking.

Associate Degrees to Master Degrees

At Strayer University Online, you can earn a master’s degree with an MBA degree, a master of education, a master of health administration, a master of public administration, a master of science in information systems, or a master of science in professional accounting. You can also receive an executive graduate certificate in business administration, information systems, or professional accounting. If you are looking for an undergraduate degree, you can earn a bachelor of business administration, a bachelor of science degree in: accounting, economics, information systems, and international business. Strayer even offers less involved degrees, such as an associate degree in: accounting, contract management, business administration, economics, general studies, information systems, and marketing.