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University of Phoenix eCampus


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Founded in 1976, University of Phoenix was among the first accredited universities to provide college degree programs via the Internet. In 1989 it became known as the University of Phoenix Online.

Today, the University of Phoenix Ecampus and its comprehensive Web-based programs deliver unparalleled convenience and flexibility to over 70,000-plus students around the country and around the globe. The university offers, for example, an accredited online M.B.A., an online bachelor’s degree in education, an online psychology degree, and various associate’s degrees; in other words, a broad selection of disciplines and courses.

The administrators at the University of Phoenix Ecampus know that some aspiring degree-seekers have no other choice than to get an education online because of various social, work, and family commitments. Therefore, the faculty and staff stand by their students every step of the way.

 It no longer matters how close you live to a good school, because now you can take classes at your own pace, from the comfort of your own home. And in many cases, students feel the level of interaction with faculty and other students is greater in an online setting than in a traditional classroom—the University of Phoenix Ecampus is a great forum for discussion and interaction between professors and students. Plus, you can reinvest the time and money you save traveling to campus directly into your education.

Keeping Up with the Changes in Online Education

Top programs like those at the University of Phoenix Ecampus also allow for customizable education programs, offering high technology applications and services to facilitate communication and learning for their students.

New classes and programs are always starting, so why put off requesting information about your education? The e-learning programs we provide information on are some of the finest in the world. So don't waste time. Get started today and reap the benefits of a convenient, cost effective, and flexible education. Get on track to improve your career and your income today.

Attending University of Phoenix Ecampus is your road to success. We are ready to help you get started with your online learning. Enter your request for more information from Phoenix University right now and you'll be on the way to improving your life and your income.