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Why do you need my zip/postal code?

Your zip/postal code is needed when searching for school locations. Your zip/postal code will not be shared with anyone and will be used for this purpose only. For more information please read our privacy policy (link to Privacy Policy page)

Are there schools in my area?

To find out what schools offer courses and programs in your area, enter your zip/postal code in the search box on the Complete School Listings page.

Is the information I filled out the actual school application?

No, the information you provided is an information request to get more information directly from the school. This allows them to contact you about the program youíre interested in.

I represent a school. How do I get listed on

Please send an email to that includes the name of your school and your contact information.

You will be contacted shortly.

Why isnít my request to a school going through?

When sending information to a school through the information request form, make sure that all required fields are completed. Without completing the required information fields, your form will not go through.