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Doctorate Degree

Online Doctorate Degree

A doctorate degree is the highest degree a graduate school awards to an individual. Earning your doctorate degree tells individuals that you are an expert in the field on your particular focus of study. It is a degree that only 1% of Americans hold, and it carries with it respect and admiration. If you have ever wanted to continue your studies to the maximum degree, learn more about earning your doctorate degree online. It is one of the most affordable and convenient means of earning your degree.

A Multitude of Degrees and Schools

You can pursue your online doctorate in numerous fields. Some of the more popular fields include: education, public health, human services, psychology, management, and public policy. With premier schools like the University of Phoenix Online and Capella University, you will pursue your doctorate degree with intensive online research, assisted by experienced faculty. At a distance learning university like Walden University, you can experience face-to-face residencies in convenient locations to experience a type of blended learning experience with online and tradition components.

Maintain Your Lifestyle While Researching

Earning your doctorate degree online is an excellent option for those who are passionate about learning and research but who also have personal and professional obligations in their lives that cannot be put on hold to return to school. Online studies are more convenient and flexible than traditional programs, so you can continue working or taking care of family members while also doing something for yourself. Pursuing your doctorate degree online, you will receive the same education as you would at a traditional program. Doing your research, you will become well versed on the prominent and influential literature in the field.