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Online Bachelor Degree

The Opportunity Awaits

You have the opportunity to make an average of $51,206 a year or $27,915 a year.  The U.S. Census Bureau recently published those figures, which pertain to the incomes of workers 18 and over with a bachelor degree compared to those with only a high school diploma.  Believe it or not, a bachelor degree earns you an average of $23,000 more per year than a high school diploma.  That is $23,000 you lose for every year you put off going back to school and earning your bachelor degree.

Differentiate Yourself with an Online Bachelor Degree

Over the past few decades, a bachelor degree has become something of a “must have.”  Employers who don’t see those credentials on a resume are almost guaranteed to toss your resume aside when hiring time comes, no matter how much previous work experience you have.  To your next interviewer, an online bachelor degree tells them that you have a diverse set of skills to bring to the company; an online bachelor degree shows that you have the commitment and drive to work toward goals; and an online bachelor degree from an online university shows that you are capable of thinking outside the box and pursuing emerging learning opportunities.  Your online degrees will be an asset, differentiating you from the slew of other candidates in the job market.

It Is Never Too Late to Earn an Online Bachelor Degree

Engaging in adult learning will also earn you respect.  You will find that, in many cases, even your current employer is supportive of your decision to resume your education.  Your family and friends will also be impressed with your aspirations and can provide additional moral support.  Best of all, online classes are flexible enough so that you can pursue your degree without compromising your commitments to any of these people—your family, your friends, and your employer.  One of the reasons so many people have enrolled in online courses is because they can do so now, even with their busy schedules.  While earning your online bachelor degree, you won’t have to take time commuting to campus; you will be able to complete your work when you find it most convenient, and you will have more control over the pace at which you proceed.

Many people find online education to be so beneficial, that they continue on towards advanced degree online.  You can earn an online graduate degree, an online master degree, and even an online doctoral degree, all in similar, convenient fashion.