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Engineering Degree

A Rewarding Career

An engineering degree can put you on the path to a highly rewarding career. Engineers can design and construct works that improve our lives every day. From chemical and electrical, to civil and mechanical, the work of engineers is around us every day, and the demand for engineers is unlikely to subside anytime soon. Moreover, engineers are among the highest paid majors coming out of college; the average base salary for an electrical engineer is $51,372 compared to $40,906 for an economics major and $32,999 for political science majors.

Engineering Degree Online

Earning your engineering degree through an online university degree program, you can earn your engineering degree quicker than you would be able to at a traditional college, so you can finish your schooling and begin the career you want. has an excellent selection of online colleges and universities that offer a distance education degree in engineering. We only feature the most respected, accredited schools on our web site – schools like Colorado Technical University – so you can be confident that the degree you earn from one of our affiliated schools will be worth the time and effort you have put into earning it.

Discover the Benefits of Online Learning

En route to your engineering degree, you will take classes with professors who have advanced degrees in the subjects they are teaching. Many will have extensive field experience and will be more than simply lecturers; they will become important career advisors with networking opportunities and career advice. Many on line colleges also offer additional career counseling resources to help you make sense of the path you are taking and to help give you an edge in what is an increasingly competitive job market. They will be there for you when you are amidst your online studies, and they will be there for you after you have graduated with your degree.