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purpose of nursing continuing education

What's the main reason?

The main reason for the creation of nursing continuing education programs is because it allows students the opportunity to gain work experience while gaining educational experience. Most nurses work part time making it even more convenient to continue to go to school to get their degree. Nursing continuing education might have also grown due to the fact that there is a nursing shortage. This can be an incentive for future nursing students to invest their time in becoming a nurse.

The Facts

The reality is that the number of nurses that this country will be short by in the year 2020 is 340,000. Why will we be so short on nurses? Well, one speculation is the retirement of Baby Boomers. Only 10% of nurses are under 30 according to Brad Broberg from the Puget Sound Business Journal. When Baby Boomers begin to retire, not only will we be losing a lot of nurses, but they will also require more health care. This is one of the reasons why schools are making it easier for students to get their nursing degree. Many schools are providing scholarship programs to get more students to enroll in nursing programs.

Even Doctor's Are Benefiting!

Doctor’s rely more on nurses than they did before. Nurses are the main contact with the patient. If they can’t learn techniques to better help the patient, then that patient won’t receive the care they need.

You can get more information about nursing from the American Association of Colleges of Nursing.