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After you spend just a few minutes reviewing schools online, you'll realize there are literally hundreds of institutions and organizations offering classes, courses, and degree programs through e-learning. Our online resource center contains information on some of the finest accredited online universities and online bachelors degree programs in the country. Our listings of accredited online universities have all passed our test of being trusted, respected, and highly credible institutions of learning.

Why Accredited Online Universities are Important to You

When you are ready to put your time and effort into getting an online education, you want to make sure it's with a respected and trusted online school that offers fully accredited online college degrees. There is nothing more satisfying than to be able to say that you're a graduate of a highly respected college or university.

The Benefits of Attending Accredited Online Universities

Studies suggest that people with a four-year degree earn more than $14,000 per year, on average, than their counterparts with only a high school diploma. Recent government statistics also state that getting a college degree can boost your lifetime income by more than $1 million.

Attending courses online is typically more affordable than traditional programs, and the curriculum is focused on the students as opposed to the instructor. Plus, you can take classes from your home at your own pace and even save extra money on travel expenses!

It's important to get started now by requesting information on accredited online universities and programs. The sooner you get started, the sooner you will reap the rewards that a university education provides.