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Learning Online

The Evolution of Education

Education evolves.  What began purely as informal, oral communication in pre-literate societies grew into an organized privilege of the upper classes thousands of years ago.  From there education spread to the masses and since then, has become something of a right in most countries.  With the advent of online courses, education continues to evolve.  Learning online, you don’t have to travel miles away for you education; your classroom can be in the comfort of your home, and your time in class no longer needs to be dictated by 90-minuter class blocks.

Experience Learning Online

Learning online has allowed millions of individuals to earn their university degree and to engage in adult learning while maintaining their outside obligations.  A decade ago, in order for an individual to return to school to pursue a college degree, he or she would have had to consider taking time off from work or enduring marathon night classes.  They would have had to drive to campus miles away, and their options were limited to schools in their area offering degrees in their desired field.  For many people, this made continuing the education impossible or simply unappealing.

Designed for Adult Learning

Learning online, young adults, married parents, and older individuals can pursue virtually any degree – from an online associate degree to an online doctoral degree – from the comfort and convenience of their home.  All that is needed is a computer, an Internet connection, and the commitment to earn a degree.  Online classes are designed with flexibility in mind, so you can complete course readings and assignments on a more forgiving schedule.  Read a few chapters after you’ve put the kids to bed, finish up that paper before you go out for the night, or spend a Sunday afternoon in a coffee shop catching up on material.  Learning online makes education fit into your schedule.