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Which Online University Program is Right for You?

Are you searching for online university programs? It can be a challenging process, with literally thousands of websites vying for your attention. But what is the real deal behind all of the hype? The top online universities, such as the University of Phoenix, DeVry University and American InterContinental University are the heavyweights in the field. Smaller online schools such as Western Governor’s University and Colorado Technical Institute are also extremely popular,  high-quality schools.

Other online university programs are found through state-wide university systems or individual state and private universities. The best way to search for the large, national universities is with a search engine such as We can show you all of the schools that offer the degrees you are interested in. By utilizing our streamlined search function, you will be able to compare degrees by category and availability at over 25 of the top online schools. You are looking for online university programs, and we can point you in the right direction. We are sort of like a matchmaking service with college credit thrown in, but without the sunsets and romantic dinners.

The Perks to Distance Learning

What’s great about online learning is that you can access online university programs from virtually anywhere in the world. All you need is the internets. So, if you live in a small town in rural Kansas and the nearest university is clear across the county, you can earn your online degree New York or even an online degree San Francisco from home, using a personal computer. Likewise, perhaps you are a New Yorker but your favorite online college university program is in Los Angeles. No problem. Remember, they are 100% online university programs. Neither the sweeping prairies nor the vast buzzing highways of America can come between knowledge and the determined student. The world of online learning is at your fingertips!

Browse Select Online Schools Today

If you are unsure about full-time study, why not try enrolling in a single online course to see how you like online university programs? In fact, the majority of online learners are enrolled part-time while they work. shop, exercise, walk the dog, and maintain family responsibilities. Online degree programs can work for you too! Browse through our affiliate schools and take a look at the programs they offer. We think that you’ll like what you find.