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Why Attend an Online University?

Are you the type of person who prefers an educational environment that is focused on the student instead of the instructor? For many, going to an online university is a preferable way of taking university-level courses, because the programs are focused on the student. Plus, the programs can be tailored specifically to their interests and needs. People that enroll in online programs also appreciate the flexibility that an online university affords. You are now among some of the millions of people who recognize that an attaining an accredited degree online can be their road to a more successful future.

Affordable, High-Quality Education Options

Research from the 2003 Sloan Survey of Online Learning shows that nearly one-third of the academic leaders surveyed expect that learning outcomes for online education will be superior to face-to-face instruction within three years. And the savings realized by the online universities can be passed on to you, which means you can get a high-quality education for a fair price.

Busy People Need an Online University.

You will communicate with instructors and classmates, and participate in groups discussions all from the comfort of your home. And for many busy people, enrolling in an online university is the only way to continue their education because they can attend classes at their own pace.

A recent study also shows that getting a four-year college degree can increase your income by $14,000 over those without a degree. If you had any doubts about it, this just might be your motivation for requesting information about an e-learning program customized for your needs.