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Online education is becoming an increasingly competitive field with an increasingly good reputation for providing accredited online degrees at affordable prices that can fit into the busy schedule of those who don’t have the time to attend a traditional university. AIU—American Intercontinental University—offers over 40 online degree programs in Business, Criminal Justice, Human Resources, Health Care, Marketing, Website Design, and more. As you can see, whether you’re looking for your Associate’s, Bachelor’s, or Master’s degree, AIU offers what you need to achieve your career.

Our Growing Community of Excellence

AIU online university is a growing community of students and workers who have received accredited degrees online. With all of their valuable programs, it’s no wonder the AIU Online Alumni Association is so popular a source for students to keep connected to their peers and professors. As for specific degrees, AIU offers the human resource degree at the level of associate’s, bachelor’s and master’s. Equally, the university offers online degrees through their Schools of IT, Criminal Justice, Healthcare Management, Education, and Marketing. In the School of Marketing, students can pursue, for example, the business administration degree online from the level of associate’s to master’s. The master’s degree in business administration, especially, will give the aspiring manager or administrator a leg up on the competition in the highly competitive field of global business.

Career Focused

AIU is a career-focused online university that can prepare you for a job in the business world. Online education is no longer something to scoff at, or to be suspicious of; with increasingly sophisticated technology, students and professors can be connected through a highly interactive system of video and audio. And the best thing about it for working professionals who are already busy with their day jobs is that classes can be taken at the student’s convenience wherever there is a computer and an Internet connection. AIU is at the forefront of the online education revolution. It is becoming easier and easier, and definitely more valuable to get your degree through an online university; so take a minute to send away for some information about online education at AIU, and get your career started today.